I was planning to write about some cool new videos we posted on the Ringside Networks community Wiki that show off features we’re building. I’ll get to that in a minute. Mainly, I want to tell you how we made these, because they are really impactful and people really respond well to the end result. Really.

The technique we used is to apply client scripting (user scripts), powered by GreaseMonkey, to inject our demo into existing web sites. We do this to generate a mock-up unlike anything people have seen before. To see the result, you can check out these videos:

In this video, I demonstrate how to make a site with existing users social… pretty much instantly (okay it took me a whole day to build the app and integrate it into the foodnetwork.com web site using this technique):

Also check out Rich Friedman demo’ing “Go Ringside”, a way to make pretty much any web site into an instance social network.