Like many people interested in computers and technology, I am a video game player. I have played many games, from Asteroids to World of Warcraft, across many genres. Over the years, I began to feel that something was missing from the work-a-day Enterprise software world that was present in these electronic games. What a great feeling it is to find that others not only had similar thoughts, but eloquently crystallized those thoughts exactly! Dan Cook wrote an excellent set of slides (with notes) that not only captures my personal sense of disappointment when I look at a typical web application, but further describes why I feel that way.

Applications sometimes need to be complex. But if you measure success by pure usage numbers, it is some of the simplest applications on the Web that have been successful lately. It is just this simplicity in the face of overwhelming complexity that impresses me. Now I know why, and I intend to apply some of these ideas to my own projects. I encourage you to do the same, and let’s see if we can make the world a simpler place for people who use technology not because they are technophiles and are willing to make the effort to learn complex tools, but for people who want or need to use the technology without needing to make the effort.