When people talk about their “culture”, they often mean their ethnicity, their religion, or the region where they grew up. As a child of the Internet, Internet culture is my culture. One frustrating aspect of Internet culture is the propensity for people to game systems, exploiting the properties of one (or several) person’s (people’s) work to serve their own ends.

When I was checking out DM Fail (because, yes, I do have to watch trains wreck), I was really taken aback by how quickly the “service” devolved to shameless self-promotion. Then I was taken back… back to a time when people wrote short messages to your console screen, normally when you were trying to get some “real work” done (read: playing a MUD; for the uninitiated, that’s like World of Warcraft without the 3D graphics, and it’s much more addictive than it sounds). Back to a time in the Golden Era of the Internet, when the console didn’t always know that your backspace key was meant to delete the character just before your cursor. Instead, it would helpfully print the character code (^H) of the key. Thus was born such tongue-in-cheek gems as:

That new blog post is so boring^H^H^H^H^H^Hinteresting!

Now that I understand that my culture is alive and well, I’d like to declare that, thanks to DM Fail, “dm” is the new “^H”. Enjoy!