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I have a glorious, big, high-definition TV. Tilt-shift is a cool technique that makes great big cities look like train sets. But I’m already tired of seeing it. “Sherlock” used it to good effect with wide panoramas of London that made it look like a toy set (which was extremely appropriate, considering that Sherlock Holmes considered the city his own personal play-set; clever). But “Continuum” blurs out parts of the picture, making me wonder, “Why do I have this big, beautiful TV?” Please stop undermining my purchase decision. On the other hand, it’s fun to see a police officer from Portland, OR, as the “alien” outsider (even though she’s really from the future and way more of an alien than the local police from Vancouver really know).


Really big solar farms

I saw this article about a “huge” solar farm in Arizona. I’ve been reading a lot of physics non-fiction and sci-fi lately, so my definition of “huge” has been expanded. All of Arizona isn’t exactly “huge” to me right now, and this solar farm would just be a glint if seen from orbit.

Just a thought, but at a certain scale, the mirrors focusing energy can’t just be placed on the surface of the earth and pointed at a tower or other collector. At “enormous” scale, because of the curvature of the earth, the mirrors will actually have to point to something under the normal continuous surface earth, or the light would have to be re-reflected along the surface (the way microwave towers do today). That would really be something to see.